Our vision is to continue to develop KunstIndustrien's products toward even more sustainability and craftmanship of very high quality. Simultaneously our work on adding new products and concepts for our portfolio is ongoing.

Our history

It all started long before the former owners Ib and Jette in 1993 opened their store in the street named Bredgade in the city of Copenhagen.
Ib initially learned to make candles from his father-in-law who had made candles since the 1950's and Ib and Jette decided therefore to make this their way of living.

Quality has always been of utmost importance to the family who have continuously been experimenting with the variety of vax mixes, wicks and production techniques to reach the unique wax alter candles that we have today. The wax alter candles are the signature products of KunstIndustrien.
Over time the candles became more and more popular and about 10 years after starting the business in Bredgade, KunstIndustrien became a B2B business.

Through the years, a variety of other products have been added to our portfolio, such as coloured candles, candle sticks, hurricanes, and accessories for candles - Living by Heart etc. A fundamental characteristic of the products is the unique design of KunstIndustrien.

Today KunstIndustrien is owned by entrepreneurs Britta and Steen Frost.