Production and materials

The wax alter candles from KunstIndustrien are truly handmade and individually manufactured according to a long-standing classic and proven recipe that gives the candles a beautiful glow and slow combustion of only 5-7 grams per hour.

We only use the best available raw materials on the market for our candles. This means that besides burning more stable, more beautiful and longer than most candles in the market, our candles also have one of the lowest soot behavior scores in the EN, testing close to 0, which means that there is minimal oozing or smelling.

The special mix of high-grade waxes makes our wax alter candles translucent and gives them a beautiful glow when burning. Stearin on the contrary is light-dense. This means that wax candles made purely from stearin will not have the same warm translucent glow when they burn. For taper candles this is not as important which is why many of our taper candles are made of 100% stearin.

The wicks are closely matched to the diameter of the candle. Therefore, our candles very rarely run. Again, the candles do not ooze or smell which is an indication that the raw materials we use are of such high quality.

Many people believe that 100% stearin is the best material for candles. At KunstIndustrien, we both sell candles from 100% stearin as well as candles made from other wax mixes – the most important factor to note within this is the connection between the quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship. Poor or impure raw material will make a candle burn poorly and with ooze.

In December 2016 our candles were tested for soot at an approved laboratory.

The result should be between 0 and 1, where 0 is the best. Our candles scored as low as 0.04 and are thus among the very best in the market.